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More angel money on the table

Angel investment levels have bounced back in 2013, driven by an increase in follow-on funding into existing start-ups, according to the latest figures released by Young Company Finance.


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Turn offshore networks into cash

For many startups, overseas investment is about more than just capital.  It also opens up crucial access to networks and markets - and it brings credibility. Companies like Lanzatech and Booktrack are notable for the way they have raised funds from overseas investors.


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NZ eyes Israel's start-up model

The former chief executive of one of Israel's most successful business incubators has been advising local government and private investors on how to get faster growth in New Zealand start-up companies.


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Kiwi firms need to get on front foot

New Zealand businesses need to become more proactive in attracting capital for product development, Callaghan Innovation chief executive Mary Quin says.


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Milk processing breakthrough

New technology developed by a Hamilton company could revolutionise how the dairy industry processes its milk. The company, Hydroxsys, has developed a new method of water extraction using membrane technology.


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'Magic' to revolutionise dairy industry

Engineer Daryl Briggs has created a membrane that has the potential to revolutionise a range of industries, including dairy processing and mining.


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Making a grand exit

Entrepreneurs start companies for different reasons. Rod Drury's first two startups were sold within a few years. When he started Xero, however, he aimed to build a listed company from New Zealand, with global ambitions. What his ventures demonstrate is the importance of setting a goal and a strategic path for your company.


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Smart-fabric company sews up funding

A Kiwi start-up that's working to commercialise its 'smart fabric' technology has received a capital injection from some of the country's leading investor groups.


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Hydroxsys is a GE ecomagination award winner

Hydroxsys - an Auckland-based company started by engineer Daryl Briggs - has designed membrane technology that captures and recycles 90% of water and around 85-90% of energy from industrial processes.


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Is your startup ready to pivot?

Over the past decade, the All Blacks have largely dominated international rugby, the odd World Cup catastrophe aside. One of the mantras of New Zealand coaches is that teams should 'play what's in front of them'. In other words, have a plan, but don't be too regimented. This follows for new businesses too.


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