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First stage of Wynyard Quarter innovation precinct on the Grid

GridAKL, a collective workspace for digital entrepreneurs housed in the refurbished Polperro building, officially opened for business last night.

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Technology benefiting from angel investments

Angel investors pumped a record $53.2 million into 116 high-growth businesses last year as confidence returned to the technology sector.

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Extraction start-up pulls in backers

Angel investors have pumped a record $2.1 million into HydrOxSys, a start-up that has invented a potentially hugely lucrative new material to extract water from other fluids.

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Clothes with hidden sensors act as an always-on doctor

Everyday clothes with invisible sensors woven in can monitor your vital signs. Future designs could tell you – or your doctor – when something is amiss.

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World-leading intelligent knitted fabric on show in London

A world-leading New Zealand invention is tipped to be a hot topic at the Wearable Technology Conference and Expo being held in London this week.

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Notes mapper Mohiomap launches Japanese version

The notes mapper for Evernote, Mohiomap, announced  that it is available in Japanese too, hoping to expand its user base numbers.

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Venture fund targets the kickstarter generation

A government-backed venture investment fund is looking to partner with angel investment groups and the public in crowd funding deals for local start-ups.

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New Chairman of the Angel Association of New Zealand appointed

Marcel van den Assum has been appointed chair of the New Zealand Angel Association (AANZ).

Marcel is a professional director and Angel investor. As well as AANZ chairman he serves on the boards of Voco, GreenButton, Simpl Group, Yonix, Syl Research, Varigate and the Wellington-based angel group AngelHQ . He is a founding investor in Lightening Lab accelerator, member of the GD1 investment committee, and holds a number of advisory board positions with private and public sector entities. Prior to his governance career, Marcel was CIO of Fonterra and Managing Principal of Unisys New Zealand.

Marcel replaces Ray Thomson, who has stood down after 18 months at the helm. Under Ray’s chairmanship:

  1. The number of investors increased by over 150 to around 500 in formal angel networks;
  2. A new women’s angel club, Arc Angels was established and initiatives launched to create angel networks in Southland, Hamilton, Taupo, Rotorua, Kapiti and Whangarei; and
  3. Over 100 New Zealand startups were helped by NZ angels

For more information on New Zealand’s Angel investment community or early stage companies, please contact:

Marcel van den Assum
Phone: 021 963 459

Suse Reynolds, AANZ executive director
Phone: 021 490 974

Bread Man uses his loaf to beat crate conundrum

In his past life as a supply chain manager, entrepreneur Steve Haythorne would send 30,000 loaves of bread from Auckland to Whangarei each night. But he noticed a problem - each of the three trucks it took to do the job was only 60 per cent full.


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UV technology cultivates investor support

Jason Wargent was prompted by the hole in the ozone layer to investigate the negative effects increased levels of ultraviolet light were having on plants. What he found, however, was that increased UV levels had many beneficial effects on the way plants grow.


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