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Accessing early money is hard. GD1 invests seed money in early stage concepts and ventures that aren't yet ready for mature angel or venture capital level investment. GD1 is a professionally managed seed investment fund focusing on early stage concepts and ventures that have global potential. GD1 is open to applications from throughout New Zealand.

Typical activities that GD1 funds include:

  • Proof of concept (PoC)
  • In-depth market validation
  • Rapid prototyping to demonstrate relevant application functionality and/or capability
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Enticing first customers


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    The defining characteristics of ventures at seed stage are that founders and entrepreneurs are taking on considerable risk, but can potentially achieve a great deal with a relatively modest injection of capital.

  • 02

    Early money is a critical component for good validation of a concept, forming the team, completing product development and beginning the globalisation of a start-up from day one.

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    Ventures often originate with founders who initiate a concept based on professional experience and domain expertise. However, they may originate as spin outs from public or private research organisations and be in need of private investment, mentoring, strategy and governance.

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What it takes

A great mind:

You're an entrepreneur with an early stage concept, venture or science that isn’t yet ready for mature angel or venture capital level investment. Your concept, venture or science is scalable and has global commercialisation potential.

A big idea:

Your concept, venture or science is ready for proof of concept (PoC), in-depth market validation, rapid prototyping, intellectual property protection, or enticing first customers. To do so, you are in need of funding.

The right partners:

Combining rigorous early stage investment due diligence with committed, experienced and deep global networks, GD1 provides seed capital, mentoring, strategy and governance for entrepreneurs with new or emerging ventures.

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